Saturday, February 11, 2017

Whisky Review: Jura Origin 10 years Single Malt Scotch

If Johnnie Walker Black was a fellow, he would be a young, lean, angular jawed, recent MBA grad, full of ambition with his career mapped out in exhaustive Montblanc detail on a coffee shop napkin, should you care to ask.

Got an expensive car lease that you impulsively plunged into during the sunny honeymoon period with your ex-gf, and now you are desperate to escape?  Johnnie actually knows someone, who knows someone, who wants that overpriced and unreliable German automotive piece of revenge, launched against us because our grandfathers won the War. After a flurry of texts, email, and countless lattes, you will find yourself released from indentured service to Mercedes Benz Finance and your bank's hate charges!

Seated next to Johnnie, in a gray Philadelphia Eagles poncho is Craig, or more precisely Cragganmore 12, and he likes fishing, Coors Light and football.  He's gotta theory on every football play, player and coach, and you will listen because he is so convincing, that you actually think the Philadelphia Eagles have a shot at winning the NFC East.  The guy is a guy's guy!  Has an interesting opinion on everything from Ford truck lift kits to why Trump will really make America great again!

And sitting across from these two characters at the coffee shop/ bookstore, hunting ground for a Friday night date, is Jura.  He's got the J.Crew catalogue thing goin' on a little too much with the green merino wool v-neck, the golf ball white Brooks Brothers buttondown underneath, and of course khakis, all on a Friday night.  Are we in church or trying to meet ladies in a coffee shop?  C'mon Mr. Rogers, just for once don't be a CB!!!

What can I tell you about Jura?  He's an honest fella.  I mean frugal, holy shit is he cheap, but hey that is his money and I guess he has a right to handle his finances as he sees fit, but damn, a 25 cent tip guarantees us stares from the waitress that are colder than February's icicles lining the metal awning outside.

Single Malt Scotch

Very reasonable.

Island, Isle of Jura to be specific.

10 years

Cork stopper


Production Note
Aged exclusively in ex-bourbon casks, unpeated.

E150a Color?

Nose (undiluted)
Banana, Cream, honey sweetness, faint floral notes.

Palate (undiluted)
Creamy, banana, oak, melon, honey, coconut and white cake bread.  Faint marine/dulse note.  Even though the malt is not peated, maybe the peat in the water supply of this distillery makes its' presence here.

Finish (undiluted)
Tight green apple, slightly acidic green pepper, unripened melon, bitter lemon seed and orange pith.

General Impressions
Jura delivers the goods for the price.

He is not cheating you.

For what you paid, you got decent value.

Yes, you are not being wowed, a crowd of college girls are not going to surround you in awe, your friend is not Highland Park 18, but your friend is a nice guy, who by turns can be a little taciturn.  I mean he is not open to accept some sherry casks and peat into his personality.  Need I say more?  He would be more charismatic if he incorporated some peat and sherry into his characted.  As a friend you accept his risk-averse nature for it is, a decent character who by turns is a little bitter, but his acidic and wry observations are kinda endearing.  The guy is deep.  He listens to Maria Callas, so he just has to tell the ladies, and resist the urge to inform them that we all have gfs!


Jason Debly