Thursday, April 12, 2012

Frozen Mojito Recipe!

While on vacation last week, most days kinda went like this:  (a) assume crash position on chaise-lounge; (b) appraise the natural beauty of the beach from behind super dark sunglasses; (c) work on tan; (d) read cheesy, 1970's, long forgotten, best selling novel; (e) sip excellent mixed drink: the frozen Mojito!

You see, in this pensive/soldier of the mind state, I had an insight that was not readily apparent back home in that hurried/harried urban lifestyle. I learned that scotch consumed neat in tropical climes is not very refreshing and is not optimal for enjoying the nuances of that fine spirit.  Accordingly, when in Rome . . . well you know the saying, so when in the tropics, do what the people of the tropics do. Drink refreshing cocktails!

Now, I am a democratic guy.  So, in keeping with the world's best political system, I applied that view to cocktails.  I worked my way through Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Tom Collins and many other constituents of my vacation resort's bar.  But, the one candidate that garnered the most votes was the Mojito, but no ordinary Mojito, I particularly enjoyed the frozen version.  Naturally, upon making this discovery I thought of you and so arranged for a few photo ops and an intensive interview of my Mexican bartender  to learn the recipe.

1 1/2 oz White rum;
10 leaves of fresh mint;
16 ice cubes or about one tray;
One can of frozen limeade from concentrate (you can substitute with one can of frozen lemonade);
Teaspoon of sugar (adjust to taste if you like it sweeter);

(1)  Toss all ingredients in a blender;
(2)  Blend on high until smooth;
(3)  Pour into glass, garnish with lime (as illustrated above)

A thing of beauty!

The traditional mojito is not to my liking.  But, make it frozen, blend those mint leaves to smithereens in a blender full of ice and frozen limeade/lemonade and you impart the delicate taste of mint through out the drink and yeah!  The earth did move!  Just for you!  That's all you need for proof that there is a G-d!


Jason Debly

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P.S.:  WTF!  I've got more chins than a Hong Kong telephone book!  And those cheeks!  I look like a character that belongs in an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.  I gotta drop some weight.  Funny how in our mind's eye we are 22yrs old forever.  I guess there is some truth in that old L.A. adage:  You can never be too rich or too thin!


  1. Haha read our most recent 'whisky' review from our vacation in mexio! We had to brave an earthquake to make it happen! Grea blog!

  2. Hey Jason, welcome back! I too did the “when in Rome...” thing when recently sunning my backside in Cancun. Not a touch of whisky during my sunny sojourn, but the Mojito was the quaff to which I found myself gravitating, especially after tiring of the ubiquitous Margarita. Alas, the crushed ice version was unknown at the hotel bars but now with the spring(?) weather soon(?) upon us I do look forward to putting our kitchen blender to the test with your recipe!

    P.s. my first post on your blog ;)

    1. I was in Cuba a few years ago and the Mojitos were quite disappointing. This is odd as it is like the national drink of the country. Maybe I was just at a poor hotel. Cuba is new to the tourism industry and still learning, whereas Mexico has it nailed down on the all-inclusive experience.

      By the way, welcome to the blog Anonymous, hope you come back and comment more!

  3. Jason glad to see you are back. Enjoying your blog.

  4. Frozen mojitos are tasty. I'll have to get a pitcher or two in me to fathom why someone at an outdoor bar in a tropical paradise would be wearing dress pants and a long sleeve shirt, eh. Anyway, thanks for the down and dirty recipe.

  5. I've enjoyed mojitos before, but never had the frozen variety. Your recipe looks delicious!